How can As-Built Services be of use to you?

An as-built drawing is useful in many different situations. For example, when constructing a new building a contractor could come across unexpected situations that would cause problems during the construction process. Due to these unforeseen situations, contractors often have to improvise and create minor variations in the on-paper plan and the concluded construction.

Additionally, As-Built Services allows future owners help to access the building. It also helps the managing staff to keep an account of the final construction. In case of any added renovations to be made further. This is why we at MP-Designs LLC. take great care in ensuring that our constructions are finalized with an As-Built drawing. We offer As-Built Services in California that are made in-house allowing the highest amount of assurance and accuracy.

Things included in As-Built drawings

When creating As-Built drawings, the contractor should keep a complete record of changes made in the original floor plan. Changes such as;

  • Location
    • The locations of doors, large structural fixtures, and the placements of sensitive underground utilities.
  • Materials
    • Contractors should also record noteworthy materials being used. Such materials that aren’t t in the original floor plans.
  • Measurements
    • Any changes to pre-planned measurements such as kitchen countertops, wall cupboards, staircases, etc.
  • Fabrications
    • Any fabricated materials like handrails, decorative columns, false walls, etc.
  • Installations
    • The installation of electrical fixtures, plumbing pipes, heating vents, etc. is required to offer the best experience.

How can MP-Designs serve you with their As-built Services in California?

MP-Designs is a leading design firm that serves the residents of Los Angeles. By using their state-of-the-art tools and machinery, as well as highly experienced and talented designers and engineers, MP-Designs holds a competitive edge in the LA construction markets for residential and commercial properties.